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There's terrible people in the woods, not quite crazed redneck or insane cannibalistic maniac, not quite a chainsaw wielding skin wearing grampa's boy. This time it's a pair of psychotic siblings, who love to capture and torture their prey. Using physical and psychological torture methods, they bring their victims to the very edge of sanity, then release them back into the wooded area that surrounds their home with only two instincts intact: killing and survival. Cue in the four college kids on break, and looking for a good time in the woods...

In the summer of 2003 Jake McClure, Lauren White, Wendy Wallace, Brian Hicks, Greg Mayhew, and Adam Woods ventured deep into the wooded areas of rural North Carolina for a week of fun and wicked debauchery. To their family's dismay, they were systematically captured by a psychotic sibling pair, Rufus and Charlie Belial, who inflicted severe emotional and physical torture upon them.

Joey was signed-on as an Executive Producer.