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A prequel to disney's feature file, Lilo and Stitch, Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 terrorizes the galaxy in an all-out action-shooting adventure.

With a cause for destruction and a penchant for wreaking havoc, Stitch, a 2-foor, four-armed genetic experiment-gone-out-of-control is bulletproof, fireproof, smarter than a super computer, and ... quickly becoming the universe's "Public Nuisance #1".

Destruction is his middle name. slimy mutants, a space station, and a gun in all four hands. Get the picture?

A intergalactic Riot. Sacle walls, grapple across dark ooze, and fire up the jetpack to race through an alien-infested universe.

Features motion picture highlights and side-splitting antics starring your favorite movie characters.

Joey read for a couple additional voices which were recorded and used in-game but went uncredited on the final release.