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Brave Fencer Musashi has been summoned to stop an ancient evil force, to save the kingdom and rescue the princess.

Embark on a wild, comical Action/RPG adventure in a massive 3-D world filled with platform-style action, two-fisted sword fighting, challenging puzzles, and scores of enemies whose skills Musashi can learn and use to his advantage. Locate five powerful magical scrolls to conquer the twisted Thirstquencher Empire.

Joey read for a couple additional voices which were recorded and used in-game but went uncredited on the final release.

The CD has the following features:

  • Absorb dozens of original techniques from foes
  • Musashi grows stronger as he travels, battles, defeats bosses and learns new moves
  • Real voice-overs during key scenes
  • A fully polygon environment that changers in real-time
  • Includes Collector's CD with a playable demo of Final Fantasy VIII