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Adventures in Voice Acting

Back Roads

Battlestar Galactica: Colonial Warriors

Bid For Power

Brave Fencer Musashi


Cookie's Fortune

Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Ginger Snaps

Good Luck with That

Gowdy Manor: Haunted Forest

Gowdy Manor: Hunt of the Dead

Hellraiser: Deader - Winter's Lament

House M.D.

Living Dead Lockup

Living Dead Lockup 2: March of the Dead

Lycans: The Rougarou

Lycans: I n/a

Lycans: II n/a

Lycans: III n/a

Matters of Life and Death

Praise the Lord

Redneck Rampage

Size Matters: Celebrities on the Scales

Star Child: The Beginning


The Artifact

The Book

The Matrix Online

Yumi in Love

Zombie Farm

Zombie Massacre